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Bathroom Countertops & Vanities

Bathroom countertops and vanities are the key elements in every bathroom, which is why you must choose them with utmost care. But while they provide the much-needed functional work surfaces in the bathroom, that’s not of all their worth. They also add elegance and aesthetics, which are equally important in achieving the relaxation that you demand from your bathroom every single day.

We at Coastal Kitchen and Bath are more than willing to help you find the ideal bathroom countertops and vanities that will complete your bathroom. When deciding which one to get, you shouldn’t just consider aesthetics but also its functionality. Trust our experts to lead you to the bathroom countertops and vanities that will serve your requirements best.

The Best Bathroom Countertops and Vanities In Foley

Choosing the best bathroom countertops and vanities is more than just picking what pleases the naked eye. More than opting for what looks good, you should also consider features like moisture resistance, scratch tolerance, and durability. Your lifestyle also plays a very important role in the selection, which is why you must work with our creative bathroom designers to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

Bathrooms are used for many purposes and bathroom countertops and vanities that you pick should always be aligned with that purpose. Master baths are constructed differently from family bathrooms, and our bathroom remodeling experts are fully aware of that. Send us your requirements, and we’ll get your bathroom makeover project completed according to your specifications in no time.

Bathroom Remodeling Foley

Bathroom Countertops and Vanities Styles

Bathroom vanities can be cut out, integrated, or vessel type. Most of them are available in double and single basin styles so it should be easy to pick which one suits your needs best. Integrated vanity tops have the sink basin already incorporated into the vanity top. Cut-out vanity tops are different, as they have large openings where a separate sink basin will be inserted. Vessel vanity top is designed for elevated basins that are meant to be placed on the surface of the vanity top.

The most popular materials used for bathroom countertops and vanities are laminate, marble, granite, onyx, natural stone, quartz, and concrete. However, tiles and composite materials are getting very common these days too. Regardless of what material you prefer, we can help you install bathroom countertops and vanities with pure craftsmanship.

Bathroom Planning and Design

Bathroom countertops and vanities are, without doubt, among the major furnishings that you’ll install in your bathroom. Having a good plan before doing any purchase will greatly help. Generally speaking, there is no right and wrong choice when it comes to vanity countertops, although choosing the ideal design will help you achieve the look and the feel that you want. Spending ample time in planning and design will work to your advantage. Once you know the available space, you’ll be able to maximize it and add more functionality to your bathroom at the same time. That’s exactly where our bathroom remodeling experts come in.