Foley Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Do you think that your bathroom can use a little updating? Talk to us. We can make your bathroom appear larger or be more functional, depending on how much you’re willing to change your bathroom. We can improve your bathroom even if you have limited space. Our bathroom remodeling experts will assure you that you never have to deal with an outdated vanity, rundown sink, or tacky tiles more than you have to.

Coastal Kitchen and Bath provides full-service bathroom remodeling services that include everything that you need. From lighting to flooring, we’ve got everything covered. We’ll design a new bathroom for you as per the specifications. With the help of our talented bathroom designers, we can make your dream bathroom come to life. Our craftsmanship starts by providing you with that perfectly planned bathroom design.

Professional Bathroom Upgrades

If your bathroom looks a little tired and the flooring is a little worn-out, then it is time to request a bathroom remodeling service. Coastal Kitchen and Bath offers quality yet reasonably priced bathroom remodeling services that work with all kinds of budgets. Our experts will provide you with exciting bathroom makeover ideas that could marvelously transform the look of your bathroom.

We make bathroom remodeling very easy. Allow us to suggest some exciting upgrades for your bathroom to create more space and maximize its functionality. We’ll handle every detail so you don’t have to spend time shopping around for tubs, toilets, and fixtures. As experts in bathroom remodeling, we create design concepts that are customized to the size, shape, and elements of your bathroom. We will help you install:

Bathroom Cabinets

Whether you want custom cabinets installed or you prefer the pre-fabricated ones, we’ll source the best ones and install them for you. Just tell us the design that you want or choose from our wide array of options. A mere change in the bathroom cabinets could make a drab and dull bathroom look gorgeous and spectacular.

Bathroom Tiles

The tiles that you use in your bathroom will eventually get old and look dirty. If it is time for new bathroom tiles and flooring, talk to us. Let us give you design and pattern suggestions that would change the way your bathroom looks and feels. Our expert craftsmen will install the new tiles and floors with utter proficiency so the next time you walk into your new bathroom, you’ll experience nothing but sheer relaxation.

Bathroom Countertops

The countertops and vanities you have in your bathroom should be a showcase of your personality. We’ll make sure that the ones we’ll install in your bathroom are not just unique, but they’re also the perfect complement of your sense of style. We have options that would suit your taste and preferences. Ask us about it today.

Bathroom Fixtures

The installation of fixtures is usually the last step in a bathroom remodeling project. But we see it as the time where everything comes together. We install the fixtures that could serve as the highlights of your bathroom. You’ll never have to look at your bathroom in the same way again. We’ll make sure that even the hand towel rails installed are chosen meticulously for your benefit.