According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), a bathroom remodel budget is typically dictated by size, which averages $125 a square foot. An updated bathroom not only feels great but If you ever decide to sell your home, an updated bathroom is not only an attractive selling point, but the expected return on your investment is over 60% on a major remodel.

Think about a new shower, a larger bathtub, new vanities and sinks.  How about new flooring or wall tile?  Transforming a bathroom can be mentally and physically rewarding.

Here are a few ideas and an estimated budget:



Bathroom Lighting In Foley

Refresh $500-$5,000


  • Flooring
  • Paint or wallpaper
  • Hardware and faucet upgrades
  • Tile walls or flooring
  • New light fixtures
  • Vanity update
  • New countertop or sink
  • Replace or remove a bathtub

Minor Remodel $5,000-$15,000


  • New or additional cabinets, vanity or bathroom furniture
  • New faucets, sink, shower and toilet
  • New bathtub/shower or changing tub to shower
  • Move fixtures
  • New plumbing and electrical
  • Addition of dividing walls
  • New flooring

Major Remodel $15,000+


  • Much of the above
  • New cabinet and fixture layout
  • Removing/adding walls or doorways
  • Upgraded materials, surfaces, finishes
  • Moving and/or expanding a bath
  • New plumbing and electrical
  • Adding windows


Prior to taking on a remodeling project, you should ask yourself a few questions to see if you are prepared and able to complete a bathroom project yourself. Poorly done remodeling jobs don’t just look bad they also can create expensive repairs, structural problems and even safety issues. Most cities and counties require permits for certain kinds of remodeling projects so know what is required in your area.

Before you get started…

  • Do you have the right tools? Purchasing all of the tools required for a remodel can be expensive.
  • Do you understand the entire scope of the job from budget to materials to installation to code requirements?
  • Do you have the knowledge and experience?
  • Do you have the time and temperament to deal with both your day job and the project?
  • Can you live without your bathroom for an extended period of time?
  • Do you know the building codes, can you deal with permits, licenses and inspections?

Coastal Kitchen and Bath can supply you with the products you need if you decide a DIY project is for you.  We’ll also provide you with insight and ideas to make the project go smoothly.