Bathroom Tiles and Flooring Foley

Bathroom Tiles & Flooring in Foley, AL

If your bathroom tiles and flooring look old and worn out, call us to update it for you. Coastal Kitchen and Bath are specialists in bathroom tiles and flooring installation, as well as full-scale bathroom remodeling services. We can help you choose the right tiles and flooring so that your bathroom looks new, beautiful, and striking.

Bathroom tiles and flooring come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Just tell us your preferences and we’ll provide you with choices that best meet your specifications. We have bathroom designers in our team who are always willing to help put your visions into life. They’ll even come up with creative suggestions on how to best execute your bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Tiles and Flooring Ideas

Our wide selection of bathroom tiles and flooring options are guaranteed to inspire you. Check out our portfolio to find interesting bathroom design ideas that may work for your home. We have the most exquisite design selections and we’re more than happy to show them to you.

We cover everything from classic to contemporary look, as well as simple to trendy designs. But more importantly, we will install every piece of tile on the floor very meticulously to ensure that it is perfectly aligned and with minimal visible grout lines.

Bathroom Tiles and Flooring Selections

Porcelain is a popular bathroom tile option because of its naturally soft and an inviting look. It is sensual and tactile, which is why it can be very appealing to those who prefer natural shapes and shades in their bathroom floors and walls. For a sophisticated yet trendy look for your bathroom, porcelain tiles are among your best choices. We also have other tile varieties in our collection, like ceramic. Talk to us and ask about all your options.

Bathroom Remodeling in Foley

Bathroom Tile Sizes

One of the dilemmas of property owners when it comes to bathroom remodeling is which tile size to use. Our expert bathroom designers will help you out with this detail so you can see the effect of large and small tiles in your preferred bathroom plan. Regardless if you want mosaics or extra-large tiles, the look that you want will be achieved. We can also mix up the design so that you’ll get the best of both worlds, and get that special appeal that you always wanted.

Bathroom Tile Layout and Style

Just because tiles are squares or rectangular, it doesn’t mean that you have to install them conventionally. Our bathroom remodeling experts are craftsmen in their own right, and they can provide you with more than one option when it comes to bathroom tile installation. The right tile choice and layout could make small bathrooms look bigger and bigger. Work with our expert bathroom designers, and we’ll execute your ideas flawlessly.

Bathroom Tiles and Flooring Options

Bathrooms need not always be white or neutral. While cream, gray, and other lighter colors are the most popular choices, nothing stops you from picking darker and more pronounced shades as highlights. You can also add glossy and metallic finishes to your bathroom tiles and flooring to add more drama to it and make it look elegant in the grander scale of things.