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1507, 2020

What Is The Return On Investment For Bathroom Remodeling?

If you are considering selling your home, and you want to increase its value, one of the best ways to do that is by remodeling your bathrooms. According to Moving.Com, homeowners who remodel their bathrooms, before a sale, generally recoup 67.2% of their costs. Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are perhaps the most important rooms in a house, hence the return on investment (ROI) when remodeling them. Remodeling an old drab bathroom to a polished contemporary one can have a dramatic effect. How Long Will Remodeling My Bathroom Take? The length of time it takes to remodel a bathroom varies [...]

1206, 2020

How Does Kitchen Remodeling Enhance Your Home?

The kitchen is the center of a home, so it makes sense that you could enhance your home by remodeling it.  Unless meticulously maintained, older kitchens start to become timeworn. Kitchen styles that were popular in the 60s and 70s affect your home’s aesthetic appeal directly and the resale value indirectly. If your kitchen looks like it was the set for the Golden Girls, or if it is starting to exhibit problems with function or appeal, now is the time to do more than think about remodeling it. Kitchen remodeling has quite a few benefits, and it is simpler than [...]

1205, 2020

Is Remodeling Your Kitchen A Good Investment?

A kitchen is a major traffic area in your home, which makes it a great candidate for remodeling, especially if you are looking to increase your home’s value. According to HomeLight, in 2019, an average kitchen remodel increased a home’s sale price by $23,122. And that number isn’t based out of reality; several other surveys have similar numbers. And, many home buyers desire a high-end, newer kitchen or they’ll ask for the price to come down, even if they do not intend to remodel the kitchen later. Based on those statistics and facts, it’s clear that remodeling your kitchen will [...]

1204, 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Remodeling A Kitchen?

Most people spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room in the house, outside of the bedroom. Children do their homework at the kitchen table, friends gather for a night of fun and games, and you grab food from it throughout the day; this is why the kitchen is one of the first areas of a home to be remodeled. With that being said, let’s look at the benefits of remodeling a kitchen. More Space The most common reason cited for remodeling a kitchen is to gain additional space.  Depending on what year your house was built, [...]

2703, 2020

Our COVID-19 Response and Commitment

As a contractor, Coastal is not subject to Governor Ivey’s shutdown of “non- essential” businesses. We are open for business. We are taking all precautions necessary though, both in our showroom and during in home visits. We can discuss your remodeling projects via phone and, from there, a decision can be made to either have you visit the show room, or we can bring products and samples to your home. As part of our reaction to the economic impacts, we are working diligently to ensure our employees and local economy remain financially viable. We take our responsibility to our [...]

502, 2020

What to ask your contractor?

Ever wonder how to find a good contractor?  Have you ever had a bad contractor story?  How about a bad mechanic story?  There are surveys out there that state that contractors and mechanics are the worst service providers in the market place.  Let's face it, we all have a bad story to tell about these professions.  Lawyers may have been a close third :).  Unfortunately, we all need a good contractor at some point.  It may be a new roof, siding, a new kitchen, landscaping, new concrete, a pool or a variety of other home improvement necessities.  So you need [...]