A kitchen is a major traffic area in your home, which makes it a great candidate for remodeling, especially if you are looking to increase your home’s value.

According to HomeLight, in 2019, an average kitchen remodel increased a home’s sale price by $23,122. And that number isn’t based out of reality; several other surveys have similar numbers. And, many home buyers desire a high-end, newer kitchen or they’ll ask for the price to come down, even if they do not intend to remodel the kitchen later.

Based on those statistics and facts, it’s clear that remodeling your kitchen will increase your home’s value. However, there are a few things you should know before you start.

Don’t Overspend On Remodeling Your Kitchen

The amount you spend remodeling your kitchen should be comparable to your home’s asking price.

It makes no sense to spend $50,000 on remodeling your kitchen when your entire home’s value is $90,000, unless it is for your benefit and not for resale value. The same can be said of spending too little; a penny-pincher would be better off not even starting on a remodeling project. If you spend as little as possible to remodel your kitchen on a house that cost a million dollars (or more), it won’t do anything to increase the value of your house; in fact, it will do the opposite.

Before you begin remodeling your kitchen, you need to make sure you are willing to pay the costs beforehand; this is why you need to find a trustworthy company that will give you a fair and honest quote.

Is The Kitchen Remodel For Your Or For Resale Value?

Before you get started on remodeling your kitchen, you need to know what you want it for. If it is for you, what are your pain points?

  • Not enough storage space.
  • Inefficient floor plan.
  • No room for hosting.

If it is for resale, what are the most desired trends for the year?

Knowing this can help you make the right decision regarding costs and project timelines. Make sure if you’re upgrading your kitchen in order to sell your house that the improvements are what most people want; try to keep your remodeled kitchen in the style of the house. You don’t want an art-deco sort of kitchen design while the rest of the home is Victorian-styled.

What Is The Kitchen Remodeling Process And Timeline Once It Starts?

At Coastal Kitchen & Bath, we are ready to remodel your kitchen, but you should be prepared first.  It will take at least one month of minimum disruption. There will also be a number of electrical changes that will most likely need to be performed; rewiring, wire removal, circuit boxes, coding improvements. It may take a few weeks to gather the materials needed to move forward with the remodeling project. When the project begins, we will do our best to minimize the interruption in your life and treat your home as if it was our own. We won’t track dirt or debris into your home. Once we are done for the day, we will clean up afterwards, so you don’t have to.

Coastal Kitchen & Bath is Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen

If you are ready for a new kitchen that will increase the value of your home, contact us and let’s talk it over. We’ll go over the whole process with you, discuss your needs, and find a way to match your budget and timelines.

Make your home’s value the best it can be with a magazine-worthy kitchen that’ll be hard to match anywhere else near you!